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The first and only dedicated marketplace for mining hardware.

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Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Interact directly with other users to reduce friction and third-party markups.

Efficient Price Discovery

Enjoy the benefits of true price transparency thanks to the free-market mechanism that Asic Jungle provides.

Seller Reputation and Verification System

Know exactly who you are dealing with based on their reputation and user reviews.

Integrated Logistics Service

Obtain instant shipping quotes based on your order and destination.

No Third-Party Markup

Extract the highest value from every transaction by eliminating third-parties from the equation.

Secure Escrow of Funds

Sleep comfortably knowing that nobody is going to run away with your funds.

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... and receive $250 for every $10000 you sell on Asic Jungle throughout the first 90 days from launch.

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Product (Beta)

  Listings Page

Stay informed on the availability and true market price of ASIC miners, GPUs and other relevant equipment by gaining direct access to a vast amount of buyers and sellers worldwide

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  Seller Verification & Review System

With Asic Jungle’s reputation system stay confident during your decision-making process by relying on what other people have to say about the seller. On top of this, stay assured that you will be dealing with real people thanks to our seller verification process.

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  Messaging System

Avoid unnecessary obstacles by communicating directly with the real counterparty in the transaction.

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A Word from the Founders

We, like all of you, have fallen in love with what this industry promises and represents. We believe that somewhere along the way, miners have been overlooked from a servicing perspective — when in reality they are the most essential part of the ecosystem.

Our mission is to empower you, as miners, with the tools and transparency essential to successfully and efficiently run your business without any unnecessary expenses. We are excited to bring this product to market and extend it’s full value to you.


— The Asic Jungle Team

Team & Advisors

Artem Bespaloff
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dragomir Dobrev
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Charles Wissa
Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer
Wes Fulford
Senior Advisor
Former CEO and Director of Bitfarms Ltd. (TSXV:BITF)
Patrick Glemaud
Senior Partner at Adapto Law Professional Corporation specializing in blockchain technology
Michael Rabkin
Head of Institutional Sales & Head of Global Partnerships at DV Chain & DVeX
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