Asic Jungle - FAQs

Asic Jungle's Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for Miners and Products on Asic Jungle

How do I search for an ASIC's product on Asic Jungle?
The search bar is located on the top of both the Landing page and Market tab. Trying to type something into the search bar will list items most relevant to your search.
How do I filter search results for specific types of posts?
Type the model name, the name of the manufacturer, or other relevant criteria into the search tool will help narrow down your search.
Example. By typing "new Antminer S9" you should see a grouping of posts which best represents that criteria.
I cannot find what I need. What can I do?
If you are searching for a specific item and you cannot find it on the Asic Jungle marketplace, we recommend you send us a message to our service desk team at ​​ and willbe happy to guide or assist you with your search.

My Profile Settings with Asic Jungle


Why should I create an Asic Jungle account?
Cut through the competition with Asic Jungle!
Creating an account on Asic Jungle grants you access to the largest community of bitcoin and crypto mining hardware products in the world. On Asic Jungle you can communicate in the most effective way with sellers or buyers across the world and take advantage of our secure purchasing system. Sourcing your mining hardware has never been easier than through Asic Jungle.
How do I register as a Buyer?
Registering as a buyer is as easy as creating an account. Click ​ here ​ to register, and then follow the prompts to create a username and password. Or click 'Register' on the top right of your window.
How do I edit my personal information?
All edits to personal information can be done in your Asic Jungle profile page. In the top right corner of your screen, click on your profile icon and scroll down to "settings". Here you will be able to make all the necessary changes to your account information and security. Be advised that certain changes to your profile may require additional verification.
How can I change my password?
Log in with your email address (username) and password. When in my profile, scroll down to "settings". Right click on "change password". A confirmation email will be sent to the address associated with the account in order to confirm the change. Click here to access the my Asic Jungle profile menu.
How can I delete my Asic Jungle profile?
To delete your account, please send us an email to​ ​with your username and the reason for deleting your account. Our team will process the request for you in a timely manner.
How do I manage my 2FA?
To manage your 2FA or two Factor Authentication please go to your profile "Settings" tab in the top right corner of your screen. Once redirected, under Security, click on "Manage 2FA". There you will be given the option to either set up or deactivate the 2FA associated with your account.

Seller Profile Settings

How do I manage my KYC information?
First, go to the top right corner of your screen and click on your profile logo. Then, click on "Switch Profile" and choose Seller. Once in your seller profile, go to the top-right tab again and click on "Settings". Under "Seller Profile Information" you can update your KYC Information. Be aware that updating this information will temporarily freeze active posts and any ongoing transaction until Asic Jungle has vetted your new information. This could take up to 2 business days.
How do I manage my payout method?
Following the same steps as in the question above, instead of clicking on "Update KYC Information" go to "Manage payout methods".

Purchasing Miners on Asic Jungle


What is the process for buying miners with Asic Jungle?
Important: Before making any purchases through Asic Jungle you need to register ​an account with us.
For Smaller Orders:
  1. Find a listing that you are interested in.
  2. Purchase the units directly by clicking on "Buy Now".
  3. Choose the quantity that you would like to purchase and press "Next".
  4. Insert your destination address.
  5. Choose your payment method. If all units can be paid for using Credit Card or Bitcoin, choose the “Instant Buy” option and press “Next”. If your order is too large to be processed completely through your credit card, and you need to make a wire transfer please choose the option "Deposit". To learn more about deposits and why they are in place, please refer to the following question.
  6. Double-check all the details in the Order Summary. Your shipping quote should also be displayed there. When ready, click on "Proceed to Payment".
  7. Once your payment has been made, press "Place Order". Your orders will now become visible in your order cart with their current processing status. Follow the wire instructions displayed below or on your invoice to complete the rest of the payment (if necessary).
Once checkout is complete, Asic Jungle will safeguard your funds and will only be made available to the seller once your shipment has been received and verified or after 7 business days.
What is the deposit option and what does it do?
If you have a lower limit on your credit card or chose not to use bitcoin as a payment, we provide you the option to make a deposit to reserve the units you are interested in buying until we receive your wire transfer.
If a deposit is made, the seller will be notified about this and asked not to sell the units to anyone else. Our platform will also lock the number of units reserved for 48 business hours and prevent someone else from buying them under you. Paying a deposit also shows a commitment from the buyer side to proceed with the full payment of the units. Please, be aware that deposits may not be refundable in certain circumstances. For more information about this, you can contact us directly by telephone or email.
The image(s) on the post I am interested in is(are) not sufficient, what should I do?
If you're interested in a listing with an insufficient number of images, or clarity of the images we suggest you contact the seller to ask for additional information.
We recommend closely examining the images uploaded by the seller. Especially in the case of second hand ASICs and merchandise. This helps to avoid potential disappointment resulting from unexpected defects, wear and aesthetics.
For more information on the messaging system please refer to our "Messaging System" section of the F.A.Q.
What determines the price per Miner?
Asic Jungle gives Sellers the power to price their own products on our platform. We strive to promote a marketplace that favors competition to ensure the lowest price for our Buyers.
How does Asic Jungle ensure the goods are real?
A unique authentication code ​is generated for every post a Seller makes. They must display this code in at least one image of the products to ensure they are indeed in their possession and that the current condition of the miners are accurate. The code is a random string of letters and numbers generated by our system that cannot be falsified.
What should I do if the seller doesn't respond to my inquiry?
There are many reasons why a seller might not respond to your inquiry in a timely manner. Increased demand can result in a longer wait period. Religious and statutory holidays can also play a role in a late response. Try your best to be patient, remember it is in the Seller best interest to get back to you.
Where can I report suspicions about an item's authenticity?
You can do so by contacting the Asic Jungle team through or by phone at +1(866) 404-1906. Please describe the reason(s) for your suspicions in as much detail as possible. We will then look into the matter and take any necessary disciplinary measures.
How soon is the item ready to be shipped?
This is case by case and you should verify this with the seller. Although we emphasize to sellers that they should have their miners ready to ship in a timely manner, sellers operate on varying hours and pacing. In some cases where a Seller has yet to pack and prepare products for shipment a product will take longer to ship. Sellers must follow our strict packing criteria to help ensure the safety of your goods during travel, more information can be found in our ​"palletization and packing guide ". If a shipment is taking too long to be prepared, Asic Jungle staff will get in contact with the Seller.
For all other types of products
The process remains the same for all other products. The descriptions of accessories or parts may vary from Seller to Seller. Please ensure you read the descriptions carefully and contact the Seller if you have any outstanding questions.
Important: Asic Jungle's ​"palletization and packing guide" does not include guidelines for all types of products. For more information please refer to the Shipping section of the FAQ.


How long does delivery take?
The time between buying and receiving your goods depends on several factors: the overall distance, the time it takes Asic Jungle to receive and confirm your payment and how quickly your seller is able to prepare the units for pickup. Our logistics team will ensure that your order is shipped as quickly as possible with no delays.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs are automatically calculated by our freight generation system during the checkout process. The final shipping quote will depend on where the units are located and the destination address. Be advised that it is in our interest to provide you with the most competitive shipping quotes.​ Asic Jungle takes your interests into consideration making the affordability and security of your shipment a top priority.
What factors determine shipping cost?
Price of shipping is determined by the distance, weight, quantity and accessibility of both facilities (pick-up and delivery). For certain deals, customs and tariffs may apply and any applicable service fees associated with your purchase.
Which delivery service will deliver my order?
Asic Jungle uses an inhouse shipping system and works with a variety of top rated carriers across North America. ​We take the burden of organizing and preparing shipping upon ourselves to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
Can I track my order?
We'll send you an email and on site notification as soon as the item has been shipped. This will include its tracking number, if available. If a tracking number is not available, our logistics department will be able to assist you with the progression of your delivery.
How do I ensure my products are shipped safely?
A Seller is responsible for following our shipping guidelines. To ensure a successful delivery please refer to our packaging and palletizing guide. All shipping on the marketplace is done through trusted and reliable logistics partners. We are concerned with the safety and security of your product during shipping and keep a close eye on your shipment through all stages of the process. Our team has experience dealing with issues hands-on in the rare occasion one should present itself. For more information about insurance coverage refer to our Insurance Policy.
For your benefit and to help avoid liability concerns, please refer to our packaging and palletizing guide ​when packing units for a pick up.
How am I expected to package and prepare my products for shipping?
All packaging criteria are laid out in easy to follow step by step instructions, please refer to our packaging and palletizing guide.


Why should I make a deposit?
Deposits help reserve the units you wish to purchase through wire transfer. Wire (bank) transfers can take several days to be received. Therefore, we recommend you to make a deposit, ensuring to reserve your goods from the marketplace and prevent anyone from purchasing any units underneath you by using a faster payment method (credit cards or bitcoin).The selected quantity will be deducted from the post and re-added if you cancel your order. Rest assured that your deposit will be deducted from your total purchase price on the final invoice.
What percentage of the total invoice is my deposit?
Important: If the deposit amount ends up being too large for you or our platform to process instantly, please give us a call at +1(866) 404-1906 or send us an email​ and our team will do its best to accommodate your request.
What happens to my deposit if I cancel my purchase?
If you cancel your order the deposit you put down will be forfeit. Since the items you reserve are taken off the platform it prevents the seller from selling their goods to other buyers, thus potentially affecting their chances of selling the units. We therefore recommend that you only make a deposit when you are 100% sure of going forward with the purchase.
What happens to my deposit if something goes wrong with my order?
In the rare event that something goes awry with your order, such as the Seller no longer being able to provide the units you reserved, you will be refunded the full amount of your deposit.
Where is the wire payment option in the checkout process?
The wire payment option is shown following the deposit stage of purchase processing. You will see the wire instructions on the final invoice too.
Be advised that prior to allowing bank transfers we require an initial deposit. This is to ensure competing buyers do not have the ability to buy the same items you are purchasing. The deposit is used to reserve your goods, it is deducted from your final purchase price and is non-refundable in the event you cancel your order.
Can a seller offload my reserved units while Asic Jungle waits to confirm my wire (bank) transfer?
No, a Seller is notified immediately once a deposit has been put down. The sale of reserved units to another party would go against our User Agreement and the Seller would be liable to potential disciplinary action.
I'm interested in a post from a Seller abroad. What should I take into consideration and what fees may apply?
Purchases originating in a country other than the delivery destination may incur additional costs such as customs fees, taxes, or shipping and insurance fees. In this situation Asic Jungle's logistics department handles them internally, communicating directly with the counterparties and other people involved.
What documents do sellers need to submit in order to sell on Asic Jungle?
Every seller on Asic Jungle has their identity and integrity thoroughly reviewed during the registration process. This includes their ​personal identification with selfie, proof of address and an article of incorporation.

OTC Deals with Asic Jungle

What are OTC deals and when are they used?
Over The Counter (OTC) transactions are off-platform trades that are used for larger orders or non conventional orders (international, ocean shipping, etc.) For any special requests, our team will have a dedicated agent working with you on a personalized basis to ensure your needs. You can access our OTC page through the tab list.
What is different between OTC and a standard purchase?
If you want to liquidate your assets in a more discrete fashion, or if you have an unconventional request, our OTC team will be able to assist you. With OTC our team will deal directly with the shipping, tariffs and payment in a hands-on fashion. Third-party escrow options (Law Firms) can also be used in this case if the buyer and seller agree to do so.
More OTC information can be found on our OTC tab. Click here to go to the OTC tab.


Which payment methods are available?
There are several payment options available for both the sale and deposits: Credit Card (Visa orMastercard), Bank Transfer (wire) or Bitcoin.
For transactions below $5000, buyers can use their credit card (Mastercard, Visa) or bitcoin as the sole payment method.
Are credit cards and BTCpay secure payment methods?
Yes. Asic jungle uses Stripe for all credit card transactions, a reliable and secure payment processor used by millions of businesses and e-commerce websites. BTCpay is another secure open source crypto payment processor.
For more information, we recommend you visit their websites at ​ and respectively.
What is Asic Jungle Secure Payment?
When making a purchase on Asic Jungle, we retain the payment until the buyer has received and verified the goods purchased. Our standard withholding period before releasing the funds to theseller is 7 business days. This is a security method we implemented in order to eliminate the risk of scams or selling of faulty units.
What are customs duties and import taxes?
When importing goods into your country, you may owe customs duties and import taxes. For more information and exact pricing, please contact your local customs authority.
How and where can I pay the customs duties and import taxes?
Depending on the country of origin the respective customs authorities charge different duties and taxes, which are required to be paid as soon as the shipment has reached the destined country. For the majority of cases you will pay any duties, taxes and fees owed to the delivery service or Asic Jungle at the time of delivery. In other cases, we may ask you to provide us with any additional charges related to customs clearance.

Disputes and Complaints

Can I get a partial refund on ASICs that arrive and do not function/function as advertised?
Yes, submitting a ticket to Asic Jungle through our ticket system describing the issue and we will arrange a partial refund with the Seller's escrow account. Often with thousands of units being shipped there is a likelihood of some units needing repair or replacement. ​Refer to our refund team at ​
Sometimes, sellers can also include additional units for free for repair parts. Any non-working units, if not agreed to otherwise with the seller, will be returned to him/her.
How to contest an order?
You can contest an order once received by going into your orders tab and clicking on the contest next to the order. You will then be asked to write a description of your issue with regards to contesting the order. An Asic Jungle representative will contact you in a timely manner through our messaging platform and walk you through the rest of the process.
Important: It is imperative that you contact us quickly before the waiting period is over, so that the funds are still viable for refund. For more information about the waiting period please refer to our Buyer Protection section in the FAQ.
What should I do if I want to return an item?
If your product never gets delivered or isn't described as the dealer had advertised you can request a refund. Our team will be happy to assist you with this process in a timely manner.
Who pays the return shipping costs?
Depending on the situation, The seller may or may not be responsible for the cost of the return shipment.
How and where do I submit a complaint?
If your product never gets delivered or isn't described as the dealer had advertised you can contact Asic Jungle and we can help mediate a resolution between both parties. Refer to our support team via email (​​) or via phone . Rest assured that your money is not released to the seller until you confirm your order.

Review system

How does the review system work?
The review system is available to Buyers and Sellers to rate and comment on each other's profile every time a transaction is completed or cancelled. This helps encourage a courteous and efficient marketplace. Buyer reviews are important to convey several aspects about working with a Seller. For example, knowing that a seller acts professionally and/or is punctual can be useful, returning messages in a timely manner can be a great asset. For Buyers good reviews are important considering that good reviews might make a Seller more willing to negotiate on price.

Messaging system

Can I send messages on Asic Jungle?
Yes. The messaging system is directly linked to individual sales. Buyers and Sellers can communicate by opening a chat so that Buyers can learn more about a specific product and negotiate prices.
How do I initiate a conversation on Asic Jungle?
You can click on the "Message Seller" button and open a chat when viewing a specific post. You can have several conversations going on at the same time with the same Seller about different products.
Attention: Beware of sellers asking you to contact them off the platform. We do not protect against fraud, lost funds or goods in cases where purchases happen off platform. We are not responsible for any purchase inconvenience to the Buyer that takes place outside our system.
This also goes against our Terms and Conditions and can result in a permanent ban of your and the sellers accounts.
Sellers can also contact buyers by going through their archived conversations.
Can I send attachments or photos through the messaging system?
No. Currently our messaging system does not support the sharing of media files and documents.
However, as a workaround we recommend uploading these files on a Gdrive or Dropbox, and sending a link to the file.
Can I archive conversations?
Yes. you can archive old conversations by clicking on the archive button on the top right of your messaging window. This will allow them to be viewable now in the archived section or your messages.

Selling Miners and other Products with Asic Jungle


Why should I register as a Seller?
Joining Asic Jungle as a Seller gives you the opportunity to reach members of the mining community directly, without any opaque third-parties involved. By contacting directly with the buyer you will maximize your sale price. In addition, by having access to the Asic Jungle marketplace, you will not be misguided in regards to the true value of your goods as you can compare your pricing to the ones of other sellers on the platform.
Asic Jungle will also not leave you alone to deal with shipping and logistics as this is also an integrated service in our platform. All you have to do is create a competitive listing and prepare to offload your used miners!
How do I register as a Seller?
Register as a Seller on Asic Jungle in a few easy steps:
  1. Enter your personal details
  2. Upload your KYC verification documents
Click ​here​ to access your seller account. On the seller account access our application sheet by right clicking on "register as a seller" on the top right hand corner of your window.
What information is required to become a seller?
We require KYC information to confirm your personal or corporate identity. Documents we may require:
  1. An Image or scan of one of your pieces of identification (with photo)
  2. An image clearly showing yourself next to one of your pieces of identification (with photo)
  3. Proof of address
    • In the form of a utility bill (phone, electricity, etc.)
  4. An of article of incorporation (if needed)
The information you send is only for our records. Asic Jungle will never divulge the information you provide to third parties. We take the security of our users and the security of their private information very seriously.
How long does it take to become verified?
KYC approvals are normally done within a business day. Please ensure all information is legible and correctly uploaded, as this will improve the speed with which our staff can approve your seller account, while also reducing the risk of you having to re-upload documents or restart the process.
What is a KYC verification?
The Know Your Customer or Know Your Client are standard guidelines used by Asic Jungle in an effort to verify the identity, suitability, and potential risks involved with maintaining a business relationship.
What are the commissions and fees for selling on Asic Jungle?
Creating posts on Asic Jungle is completely free. Asic Jungle charges its Sellers a standard 7.5 % commission on every completed transaction. For more information on Seller liability and fees related to disputes and returns refer to our ​Terms and Conditions​.
How many posts can a specific seller have?
A Seller can have up to any number of posts. As long as the units listed are unique to that post and do not overlap with other posts from the same Seller.
Does Asic Jungle purchase products directly?
Asic Jungle is an online marketplace that thrives off creating connections between our buyers and sellers. We do not take part in the sale or redistribution of miners or other goods.


How do I create a post?
Ensure you are located on your seller account profile and not logged in as a buyer. Click on the "create post (+)" button.
You will then be asked to fill in the necessary information about the product(s). Be sure to include an accurate and detailed description of your item(s). Ensuring all damages, condition and usage related issues are mentioned along with any miscellaneous information associated with the product, such as if they are ready to be shipped immediately. If a description of an item is found to be inaccurate upon delivery (the condition is different as mentioned, there are parts missing or broken, etc) you as the Seller may be liable for reimbursement fees and return shipping costs.
For more information about the description of your product refer to "What should I enter for the condition of my Miners?"
You can add up to 5 images of your product that should be taken from different angles. It is imperative that in these images you include a legible version of the product identification code (PAC) that is automatically generated when creating your post. These photos will be uploaded in your listing to ensure that you are indeed in possession of the item(s) and that they are in the described condition/state.
Important: Every Post is reviewed by the Asic Jungle team before being added to the live marketplace. This vetting process may take upwards of 24 hours.
Your post becomes viewable to buyers once it is stated as "active" in your "posts" tab.
How long does a post remain active?/How long will my listing be online?
Your post will remain viewable on the marketplace for 30 days. If you don't sell your units within the initial period of validity, you can choose to either delete your post or renew it. Active deals and updates to your post automatically renews the post. With inactive posts, you will be sent a notification 5 days prior to expiration. Receiving a purchase order on an expiring post will automatically renew the post.
For more information regarding active posts, please refer to "What differentiates an active post and an inactive post?".
Why is my post listed as "pending"?
Asic Jungle reviews and updates posts regularly. Sometimes waiting a few moments then refreshing the page will allow you to view your ad as "active". Our quality assurance team is frequently vetting and reviewing posts and some posts are subject to lengthier quality control checks, such as posts from newly active sellers. If your ad is listed as "pending" then we may be in the middle of reviewing it. If a post is pending for a longer duration than 24 hours, please contact customer support at and they will be sure to resolve the issue.
What is the product authentication code?
The product identification code (PAC) is a set of randomly generated letters and numbers that is to be used by a seller in the photos he takes of his goods. We use this to verify that a Seller is indeed the owner of the units he is trying to sell as well as to verify the present condition of the goods the time the code is given. We take precautions to ensure images are not photoshopped or altered in any way.
What should I enter for the condition of my Miners?
Sellers are required to accurately describe their products to the best of their ability. The following classifications are meant to help you discern a miner or other product's condition. Please note that these classifications only serve as a guide and some Buyers may view an item's condition differently.
New: the product is brand-new, unopened, unused and undamaged. The item is in its original packaging where applicable.
Used: an item that has been used previously. The item is still fully operational and works as intended. All cosmetic wear and/or damage should be described by the seller.
How can I figure out what my product is worth/what to price it as?
We highly recommend using online profitability tools, the state of the markets and other information available online to help you choose appropriate pricing. Review similar posts from other buyers on the same units Asic Jungle and see which ones Actively being sold. This is a good way to compare and contrast prices. Remember; you can change the price listed on your post any time without the need for approval from Asic Jungle. Also, be aware Buyers will often negotiate with you on a price so be sure to include a buffer between the listed price and your bottom line
I can't view my post. When will it be activated on Asic Jungle?
There might be a number of reasons why you can't see your ad yet:
  1. Every listing on Asic Jungle is manually approved before being visible to buyers. This is done in order to protect buyers from fraudulent listings or inappropriate posts
  2. Since our team individually reviews each listing before displaying it on the website, it may take 24 hours before your post can be viewable.
  3. You may have uploaded images inconsistent with our image policy. Please, make sure to follow the instructions before submitting the listing.
  4. Be advised new seller accounts are often susceptible to more scrutiny for buyer security, rest assured as a seller becomes recognized it will take less time for their ads to be reviewed.
When does a post expire/how can I renew a post?
A post will automatically expire after 30 days or if the Minimum Order Quantity of the post is larger than the units listed. If you edit any part of the post that doesn't require Asic Jungle's compliance team to review it, then it is automatically renewed for another 30 days. As a Seller, you are offered the ability to renew a post before it expires.
Important: when renewing a post please ensure that all descriptions and criteria remain the same. This includes the available amount.
If a post expires and is removed, to post the same units again you will need to create an entirely new post with a new verification code and up to date photos.


What is a "Proposal" and how to create one?
When settling on a price and quantity with a Buyer, you can decide to send them a unique proposal with a different price. This is done by clicking on the green "create proposal" button on the top right of the messaging window. Creating a proposal is similar to creating a post when inputting price and quantity but it does not need vetting by Asic Jungle.
I have concerns about a buyer's trustworthiness. What should I do?
If you are uncertain of the legitimacy of your buyer, rest assured that we have limited the risk associated with the sale. Products are not to be shipped by you until full payment is confirmed with Asic Jungle. Asic Jungle takes your security very seriously and has not given the ability for scammers and malicious users to take advantage of Sellers who stay within our security guidelines outlined in our Terms of Service.
Important: Never ship items until you receive confirmation that Asic Jungle has acquired and is holding the funds from the Buyer.
How long until I receive my funds?
Your funds will be retained for a standard period of 7 days after the buyer has received the units to give enough time for them to inspect and verify that the units received are functional.
As a Seller in what situations am I liable to pay extra fees.
Situations where you would be liable as a Seller: if a problem arises throughout the delivery process; whereas the concern is deemed to be a direct result of negligence surrounding our Terms of Service. In other words a case in which a Seller’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the goods in question was not followed correctly. Resulting in the loss, damage, destruction or wrongful delivery of goods.
Fees and charges are determined on a case-by-case basis, but may include refunding some or all of the units sold and return shipping costs. In the rare event something does occur, Asic Jungle works with and mediates between both buyer and the seller to find the most suitable solution for both parties. We at Asic Jungle realize mistakes do sometimes happen, but insist Sellers do their part in order to ensure the success of their sale.
Still have questions or did not find what you're looking for? Give our support team a call at +1(866) 404-1906 or email us at