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About Us

At Asic Jungle, we embrace the thrilling pace of the rapidly expanding Bitcoin mining industry. With an industry size surpassing 4 billion dollars, the opportunities for growth and innovation are boundless. We stand tall as a leading player in the mining hardware space, revolutionizing the procurement process through our brokerage and marketplace services.

Since our establishment in 2020, Asic Jungle has soared to great heights, facilitating the sale of hundreds of thousands of units of bitcoin mining hardware. We take immense pride in empowering miners, whether they are embarking on a new mining venture or scaling their existing operations. Our commitment lies in delivering an unparalleled experience to our clients, ensuring their journey into the world of ASICs is seamless and rewarding.

In an industry that has witnessed an extraordinary 10-fold increase in value over the past years, we understand the crucial importance of adaptability and versatility. Our team at Asic Jungle embodies these qualities, constantly pushing boundaries, and embracing the ever-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency landscape. Trust, leadership, and an unwavering dedication to improvement form the foundation upon which we have built our success.

Together, with our clients, we forge a path towards the future of Bitcoin mining. Asic Jungle is more than just a provider of mining hardware; we are a catalyst for transformative growth, driving innovation and shaping the landscape of this dynamic industry. Join us on this unique journey to building the foundation of the financial infrastructure of the future.

Meet our Team

Artem Bespaloff
Artem Bespaloff
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dragomir Dobrev
Dragomir Dobrev
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Charles Wissa
Charles M. Wissa
Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer
Nuno Matos
Nuno Matos
Trevor Hayes
Trevor Hayes
Account Executive

A Word from the Founders

We, like all of you, have fallen in love with what this industry promises and represents. We believe that somewhere along the way, miners have been overlooked from a servicing perspective — when in reality they are the most essential part of the ecosystem.

Our mission is to empower you, as miners, with the tools and transparency essential to successfully and efficiently run your business without any unnecessary expenses. We are excited to bring this product to market and extend it’s full value to you.


— The Asic Jungle Team