Meet Jean-Luc Pellerin, President and Co-founder of Web3 MTL
Meet Jean-Luc Pellerin, President and Co-founder of Web3 MTL

Meet Jean-Luc Pellerin, President and Co-founder of Web3 MTL

by Gerrit van Sittert
23 Feb 2023

Meet Jean-Luc Pellerin, President and Co-founder of Web3 MTL

by Gerrit van Sittert
23 Feb 2023
Meet Jean-Luc Pellerin, President and Co-founder of Web3 MTL

A Montreal-based organization that has been steadily blossoming into a dynamic and cohesive community ushering in the future of web3.

Web3 and crypto are often thought of as global rather than regional, because of their decentralized and borderless natures. At the same time, certain cities have been emerging as top crypto hubs. These hubs tend to be home to crypto-friendly legislation, with forward-thinking and tech-savvy populations.

One of the most exciting and promising hubs is Montreal, Quebec. Web3 Montreal (also known as Web3 MTL) is a non-profit, Montreal-based organization that has been steadily blossoming into a dynamic and cohesive community ushering in the future of web3.

Recently, the Asic Jungle team caught up with Jean-Luc Pellerin —Co-founder and President of Web3 MTL—to talk about Montreal’s growing web3 community, and the exciting events and initiatives on the way. Below, you’ll find an overview of Jean-Luc’s insight into the future of the web3 community and industry in Montreal.

Montreal’s web3 potential

Montreal has a robust video game industry, and is a major player in terms of tech talent and digital media design. Montreal is also one of North America’s most liveable cities, featuring affordable rent, quality transportation infrastructure, and ample opportunities to experience arts and culture.

Montreal is a world leader in the video game industry, home to extensive infrastructure and talent. Montreal has more than two hundred video game studios, and thousands of workers with video game skills.

As the 5th largest video game hub in the world and the largest in Canada, Jean-Luc sees Montreal as being well-poised to capitalize on the push towards web3 gaming. With its large population of talented developers and designers, it’s no wonder that dynamic new blockchain-based startups are flourishing in the city.

The history of Web3 MTL

Web3 MTL is a non-profit organization that is building Montreal’s web3 community, largely through grassroots events. The Web3 MTL team is comprised of dedicated volunteers decidedly serving the web3 community in Montreal.

Jean-Luc says being a non-profit organization means that Web3 MTL is uniquely committed to serving its community. In an industry where scams and empty promises can unfortunately be all too common, it’s refreshing to find a community built solely around learning and growing organically.

Building a community through in-person gatherings

Jean-Luc says Web3 MTL emerged in response to the COVID pandemic to some degree, as it highlighted the need for people to find ways to come together in person so Montreal’s web3 community could gain cohesion. Pellerin’s engagement with blockchain grew through engagement with other individuals actively engaged in Montreal’s web3 landscape.

Another key collaborator has been Co-founder Lucas Hygate from DeFiSafety —a company that offers specific, comprehensive technical risk for commonly-used smart contracts. Lucas also heads the Events aspects of Web3 MTL, while fellow co-founder Jonathan Mirarchi heads Operations.

After years of engaging with Montreal’s blockchain community—investing in projects and building a solid knowledge base—Pellerin recently made the leap all the way in, leaving an engineering startup to dedicate himself fully to web3. Going all-in on Montreal’s web3 community has paid off, as the community has seen consistent growth on the path towards becoming a guidepost for blockchain in Quebec.

The ethos of Web3 MTL

Web3 MTL cites a “lack of a cohesive web3 community in Montreal” as the impetus behind the group’s genesis. Web3 MTL began with a simple Telegram chat in 2021, and is today comprised of more than six hundred members. You can engage with the Web3MTL community on Telegram and on Discord.

Pellerin has described the overarching goal of Web3 MTL as: “to be a resource that brings the community together in Montreal.” He wants to avoid a situation where Montreal is left behind in web3 because of a lack of forward-thinking innovation.

Recently, Hydro-Quebec announced a proposal to restrict the power allocated to crypto miners, which has caused concern that regressive policies will inhibit Quebec’s ability to be a major blockchain player going forward. Web3MTL is committed to building support for policies that open rather than close doors for the web3 industry.

As a non-profit organization, Web3 MTL is dedicated solely to education and community-building, and the proceeds from its events are cycled right back into the community. After all, the original crypto ethos is built upon a spirit of collaboration and sharing.

Web3 MTL Events

Web3 MTL’s community building and educational mission has materialized at popular local events. Their first web3 networking event took place in spring of 2022, and was sponsored by Zapperfi, DefiSafety, Airfoil, and Streamingfast.

Since then they’ve hosted numerous networking events, meetups, and information sessions, all centered around fostering an environment that’s conducive to web3 innovation.

Web3 MTL hosted a “Web3 Adoption in Montreal” meetup in partnership with Chainlink, which was sponsored by dynamic local blockchain-based initiatives DeFi Safety, Incubella, and

Web3 MTL has also held events with OxSociety —Canada’s first non-profit crypto art center that promotes and supports crypto-based art.

One barrier to entry for web3 projects is education. To those new to blockchain technology, the landscape can feel intimidating, halting newcomers. That’s why Web3 MTL is focused on empowering people and communities through education.

Pellerin believes in familiarizing new users with web3 concepts through NFTs. He explained: “People have come to learn about crypto through NFTs. Once you understand something, you can take action and improve your life.”

The future of Web3 MTL and crypto in Montreal

With its abundance of tech talent and enthusiasm in the community, one can see Montreal as a highly promising site for web3 innovation.

Web3 MTL’s vision for the future includes planning events based on networking, education, jobs, and institutional support. Given Pellerin’s convictions about the power of NFTs to inspire crypto education and adoption, we’ll likely see NFT integration into Web3 MTL’s future. Plans are also in motion towards creating a board of advisors and to add to the board of directors to formalize Web3 MTL toward reaching progressive goals, such as establishing an accelerator program in 2024.

Asic Jungle, a Montreal-based company, is pleased to support Montreal’s burgeoning web3 community as a leading brokerage and marketplace in ASIC hardware procurement. For ongoing developments in the blockchain space and Bitcoin mining, ASIC Magazine is a great place to keep up with the latest news. Make sure to reach out to connect with us and to be in touch with the Web3 MTL community.