AWS partnering with Avalanche
AWS partnering with Avalanche

AWS partnering with Avalanche

by Gerrit van Sittert
22 Feb 2023

AWS partnering with Avalanche

by Gerrit van Sittert
22 Feb 2023
AWS partnering with Avalanche

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the extensive cloud computing platform powered by Amazon that offers infrastructure, platforms, and software used by thousands of companies. Large and influential governments, education institutions, and private companies make use of AWS.

AWS’ global reach, popularity, and powerful infrastructure make it one of the most important entities for those building web services. Around a quarter of blockchains are already powered by AWS. Further integrations between AWS and web3 initiatives could pave the way for massive leaps forward in the “decentralized” adoption of an equitable future of the internet.

Recently, an exciting integration was announced between AWS and Ava Labs—the developers of Avalanche. Avalanche is a smart contract platform that is renowned for being among the fastest in the blockchain industry. With its fast speeds and low costs, Avalanche can help provide a foundation for the future of decentralized applications.

The integration of mainstream infrastructure with blockchain initiatives offers a glimpse into what the realized idea of web3 will look like. For those across the blockchain landscape—including developers, crypto miners, and investors—the collaboration between AWS and Ava Labs is indicative of the coming avalanche of web3 adoption.

About Avalanche

Avalanche is a blockchain platform that uses smart contracts to provide the building blocks for decentralized applications. Avalanche prioritizes speed, and apparently strives for the highest standard of decentralization. Avalanche is open source, and anyone can view its code and contribute.

Avalanche appeals to developers in the web3 landscape because of how it lets developers customize networks and applications in ways that may not be possible on larger, Layer-1 blockchains. Avalanche’s consensus protocol means that boundless decentralized growth is possible in tandem with speedy time to finality.

Avalanche offers impressive scalability

Avalanche’s architecture is relatively easy to understand, and this is partially because it doesn’t require a second layer. Avalanche scales horizontally. It has a parallel consensus protocol, which is what allows it to validate so many transactions so quickly.

One of Avalanche’s innovations is being made up of three blockchains, rather than one. Avalanche has an Exchange chain that creates and exchanges assets. It has a Platform chain that creates subnets and coordinates validators. Finally, it has a Contract chain, which executes smart contracts.

Avalanche’s willingness to partner with institutional players

When centralized financial and government bodies join forces with blockchain initiatives, there can be rightful skepticism that these projects may turn their back on the values that cryptocurrencies were designed to uphold, namely: decentralization, privacy, and innovation.

However, AWS’ support of Avalanche’s infrastructure is an example of a hybrid relationship that maintains the values that are important to web3 enterprises. AWS’ partnership with Ava Labs is centered around making it easier to run a node, and this will be facilitated through the integration of one-click node deployment using AWS’ marketplace.

Other powerful tools that will be available to Avalanche-based developers will make compliance more straight-forward. AWS will also add subnet deployment to their marketplace, which will mean that users can create their own subnets very easily. Developers will have the ability to establish nodes more easily, and it will also be easier to distribute these nodes more widely.

Mainstream companies embracing blockchains to optimize costs

Behind the scenes, large companies and institutions are implementing blockchain technology in order to make their operations more efficient.

For instance, Adobe has implemented a Content Attribution feature that lets creators export images directly onto NFT exchanges to prove their provenance. This feature will become instantly available to tens of millions of Creative Cloud subscribers, and the coming mass adoption of blockchain technology is fueled by institutional adoption of this sort.

Meanwhile, engagement between new blockchain-based initiatives with large, institutional players flows the other way as well. For instance, in cryptocurrency mining-friendly parts of the world, innovative mining enterprises are able to mobilize existing energy infrastructure in the service of environmentally-responsible crypto mining.

While some parts of the world have seen bottlenecks in mining infrastructure development or regressive energy allocation policies that have a negative effect on miners, forward-thinking mining enterprises have found ways to make integrating with existing energy infrastructure work for them.

Collaboration between energy producers and crypto miners has the ability both to power the future of mining, but also to modernize energy in the spirit of collaboration and growth. The future of web3 will be rooted in these sorts of collaborations between new blockchain-based initiatives and forward-thinking institutional players.

The implications of AWS and Ava Labs’ partnership

According to the head of startups at AWS, Howard Wright, “web3 and blockchain is inevitable…the velocity of this one seems like it’s accelerating and we’re just excited to be a part of this.”

The partnership between AWS and Avalanche is AWS’ first “foundation partnership” with a blockchain. To experts in the space, it represents a vote of confidence in favor of the future of web3. AWS’ tendrils stretch across an extensive range of the existing Web 2.0 landscape. This development in terms of its engagement with blockchain initiatives can be considered a harbinger of the internet’s future.

AWS’ move towards helping blockchain projects scale to meet the needs of large institutional players could have far-reaching effects. When Ava Lab’s subnet deployment becomes a feature of the AWS marketplace, it’ll be easier than ever for users to launch their own subnets, effectively creating their own blockchains.

The future of web3 and collaboration

Ava Labs’ integration with Amazon sharpens the image of a future wherein blockchain technology is an attractive choice to all web developers. The reach of Avalanche is poised to grow significantly, making the gulf between the current iteration of the internet and web3 more navigable.

As adoption and development of the blockchain landscape continues to grow, so will the importance of miners having the ability to meet the industry’s needs. In addition to the kind of innovation signaled by the partnership between AWS and Avalanche, the future of web3 can also be aided by cryptocurrency miners having access to the best hardware for their needs, at the best prices.

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